Dr. Ben Bowers, Wichita KS

Meet Dr. Ben Bowers, Chiropractor in Wichita, Kansas

Dr. Ben Bowers has been in business since 1987.

Professional Board Certifications

  • Board Certified by the National Chiropractic Board of Examiners
  • Kansas State Board of Healing Arts - Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Board Certified Internist, by the American Board of Chiropractic Internists

Other Professional Certifications

  • Certified Brimhall Chiropractic Physician
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • Certified Industrial Consultant
  • Certified Impairment Examiner

Other Professional Courses

The following courses were taken through the following: American Chiropractic Association; International Chiropractic Association; State Chiropractic Associations; and/or Chiropractic Colleges.

  • Courses and/or other certifications in the following:
    • Acupuncture Techniques
    • Applied Kinesiology
    • Clinical Kinesiology
    • Emotional Examination Procedures
    • Environmental Toxicities
    • 10 Step Examination Protocol
    • Courses through Erchonia Medical
    • Cold Photon Laser Procedures and Treatment
    • Detoxification Therapy and Treatment

Professional Experience

  • Team Physician
  • High School Football Team Physician
  • High School Wrestling Team Physician
  • High School Tennis Team Physician
  • Wrestling Tournament Physician
  • Soccer Tournament Physician
  • Football Game Day Physician
  • Golf Tournament Physician

Professional Societies

  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Kansas Chiropractic Association
  • Sedgwick County Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Association


  • Wichita State University
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Park University
  • Penn University
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College