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Your Kids Gut & Toxins

Kids Gut Toxins

First of all, please read the blog entitled “Your Gut & Toxins” as a baseline understanding for this blog.

Kids! As we all know, their bodies are different from an adult body. There are also some very specific and unique things about kids and their developing body of systems that we need to understand.


Childhood diseases and obesity are increasing at an alarming rate. We now know that the high rate is largely due to the almost complete of loss traditional eating habits in the Kids. Therefore, we need to understand the significance that what happens in a developing child, WILL affect what happens to them in their adult life.

About 70-80% of a Kid’s immune system, lives in their gut. It is the job of the microbiome to trains these cells to act a certain way before they go into circulation. The microbiome begins training immune cells at birth and continues to help to develop the immune system to distinguish between friendly and harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. This early “training” can help your Kid’s immune system function properly for a lifetime.

The intestinal microbiome is dominated by anaerobic bacteria and includes approximately 500-1,000 species whose collective genomes are estimated to contain 100 times more genes than our own human genome. When the intestinal ecology is altered, so too is the health of our Kid’s bodies; studies show that the maintenance of a healthy microbiome is inseparable from our health. These microbes influence physiological function (particularly metabolism), local mucosal homeostasis, inflammation, and immunity, as well as the developing genomes (DNA) of the child.

Alterations to the gut microbiota start at the earliest stages of life; in infancy, disruption of the developing microbiota can contribute to the risk of immune and metabolic disease as an adult.  Recent research suggests that healthy lifestyle factors including a diversified diet, limited use of processed foods, avoidance of prolonged restricted diets, and consumption of adequate dietary fiber all promote a healthy microbiome. 

Studies have shown that seafood, including marine seaweeds and invertebrates, are rich in dietary fibers and can help maintain symbiosis in the gut. Other research suggests that gut microbiota alterations due to unhealthy lifestyle factors and inadequate nutrition may contribute to the pathogenesis of a broad spectrum of diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and type 2 diabetes in the adult life; which are all the disease we want to avoid!

So, how do we help our Kids?

  1. Avoid most of the Standard American Diet (SAD) – IF you want your Kids to be healthy!
  2. Avoid high histamine foods and processed foods that can cause inflammation.
  3. Be very careful of grains! Grains tend to destroy developing microbiome!
  4. Limit your sugars and dairy. Both of these are very hard on your gut and feed toxins.
  5. Chose the right types of low inflammation foods that are high in specific nutrients.
  6. Food diversity: eat a variety of whole foods that are not processed foods (boxes, bags &cans)!
  7. Eat Local: Fresh, organically raised vegetables, and meats are the best source of food.
  8. Limit soda pop! Reduce all sugar drinks!
  9. Eat a very good type of Mediterranean diet.

And most importantly: Get the Kids outside playing! This helps their systems adapt to their environment and protect their immune system!

And, if you can receive and accept this: Playing video games – or using electronic devices a lot, tends to shorten their immune cell lives which will alter their health!