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Weight Loss Help from Hope Wellness Clinic of Wichita, KS

Losing weight is hard and complicated. It seems there is a diet and a plan for everyone; some lose weight and other don’t see any benefit, or worse, gain weight. We need to unravel the mess that led to this point. As we have discussed previously, there are many factors that need to be figured out before you can properly lose the weight.

Our approach is different. We are not concerned about weight as much as we care about the inches lost and fat percentage lost. Weight is deceptive, and while we monitor it, weight is not the top priority. The scale will lie to you if you check it daily and cause anxiety, which will affect weight loss through an increase of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Digestive health and hormonal control are some of the leading factors that change our dietary habits and cravings. Some diets can be detrimental if you cannot properly digest the foods that are allowed on that specific diet, leading you to starve yourself. Which, in turn, will lead to the body trying to store as much energy by turning it into fat and give you opposite results.

Zerona Z6 Laser Non-Invasive Body Contouring

We incorporate the FDA-cleared Zerona Z6 Laser to help us bypass many of these issues by releasing fat from fat cells so the body can clear it out through the lymphatics or use it for energy through the liver. This is an effective way of jump-starting your diet program. We have many skinny women with the baby bulge that can’t get rid of it no matter how hard they try; they have found success losing this weight with the Zerona and continuing a diet and exercise plan.

Zerona is the first non-invasive fat loss laser to effectively target excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Zerona utilizes the same cold laser technology developed by Erchonia, which has been shown to emulsify fat and allow it to move to the interstitial space.


Don’t be neurotic looking at the scale everyday, worrying about every half pound, when inches are what you really care about. You wouldn’t care how much you weighed if you looked good in a bikini. Let us help you get in great shape through healthy functionality, proper diet, and good mental and emotional health.