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Chiropractic Care Offered by Hope Wellness Clinic

Chiropractic is the art and science of realigning the body’s joints into proper movement patterns. This can be done through manipulation, essentially moving the vertebrae or other bones back into proper functioning alignment or by effecting muscles attached to these joints. These muscles can cause the joints to be dysfunctional through tightness, trauma, or a guarding mechanism caused by inflammation in the organs (such as liver, spleen, stomach and many others).

The doctors at Hope Wellness Clinic have been trained to look beyond the misalignment of the joints and see the underlying cause of these dysfunctions. While keeping the joints aligned is important, at our clinic, the underlying dysfunctions are more important to us, as physicians treating the entire body and all systems of the body. Symptoms, to us as doctors, are a lot like leaves turning brown on a tree; we can remove the leaves but that doesn’t fix the underlying issues that could go all the way back to the root system.

As chiropractors, we can assess which systems are experiencing dysfunctions; this leads us into many other fields of treatment. Muscular and fascial issues, such as sprains and strains or muscular weaknesses, can be treated through sports medicine. Organic issues, such as digestive and bowel pain or constipation, can lead us to internal medicine finding the dysfunctions that are leading to the symptoms. These gut issues can lead to weight management problems and trouble losing weight. Women’s health issues such as hormones, stress, prenatal, and ovulation issues can also be causing problems.

Chiropractic is an art form that takes years of training to find and fix the common issues that plague us daily. Our goal is to find the dysfunctions and halt them, reverse them, and eradicate them, giving you longevity and health. This allows you to achieve your health goals and sustain a healthy productive lifestyle.